British Man Dies After Fall Off Balcony in Magalluf, Mallorca: 2nd Death in 3 Days

Hotel Antilles in Magalluf where Benjamin Harper fell to his death

You can tell the holiday season is just starting in Spain as more British men fall to their deaths from hotel or apartment balconies, or down stairwells.

Every year, a number of British men (and, occasionally women) are killed after they fall off balconies in Spain,  or down stairs, either because they are drunk or because they engage in ‘balconing’ — jumping from balcony to balcony, usually while drunk too.

This week, two British men have died in just three days, both of them in Magalluf.

The first, a 19-year-old, died after a fall down a stairwell when drunk. The second, 29-year-old Benjamin Harper, died after ‘balconing’ — trying to climb from one balcony to another at his hotel in Magalluf.

In the death of Benjamin Harper, Spanish emergency services worked on him for over an hour and a half trying to save his life, before they were forced to declare him dead at the scene.

Residents of Spain just can’t understand the need of so many British tourists to get drunk and then engage in risky behavior on balconies.

Every year British tourists plummet from balconies and die, and it’s all over the British news. But, it still keeps happening. Some people really just don’t learn.