British Woman, Chantelle Serginson, Survives 6 Storey Fall from Magaluf Hotel

Hotel Marina Barracuda in Magaluf


There’s been another fall by a British tourist from a Spanish hotel (do other countries have this many tourists that fall from hotel balconies?), this one in Magaluf. But, surprisingly, the British woman who fell six floors from a balcony to the ground below actually survived the fall.

Not much has been released by Magaluf police about the incident, except to say that the British woman is 24-years-old and that she fell from the sixth floor of the Hotel Barracuda, in Avenida Notari Alemany on the swimming pool side just after 6pm in the evening. There has been no indication as to whether alcohol was involved, or any reason given yet as to why she fell.

British newspapers, however, are naming the woman as Chantelle Serginson from Middlesbrough, and say the fall happened during an argument she was having with her mother. Chantelle apparently climbed up on the balcony railing during the fight and fell.

Serginson is currently in intensive care at the Son Espases Hospital in Magaluf,  but doctors say her progress is good and she is now breathing on her own. She is suffering from head injuries and broken bones.

Three other British tourists have fallen from Magaluf hotels in the last six weeks. Alcohol was involved in all of the incidents, and all three tourists died at the scene.