British Woman Dies After Fall From Balcony at Hotel Teix in Magaluf

The Hotel Teix in Magaluf where yet another British tourist plummeted to her death this weekend


Yet another British tourist has died after a fall from a hotel balcony in Spain. This time, it’s a 23-year old British woman who fell from her third floor balcony at a hotel in Magaluf, only hours after she had checked in. She’s the third British tourist to die in a Spanish hotel accident in only three weeks – two from falls from balconies and one from a fall down hotel stairs.

Spanish police, as yet, are not sure what happened but the hotel, the Hotel Teix in Calle Pinada, says she had only checked in a few hours before and fell to her death around 4:30 am on the Saturday morning. The dead woman was named as Charlotte Faris from Stevenage in the UK.

However, as always happens in these cases, Spanish police are looking at excessive alcohol as the cause, particularly as the Hotel Teix is known as a party hotel. Millions of British tourists drink far too much alcohol while on holiday in Spain every year, and numerous falls from hotel balconies are, unfortunately, the result.

If alcohol does end up being the cause of yet another tragic death at a Spanish hotel, you have to wonder how many more Brits have to fall to their deaths from hotel balconies in Spain before the more clueless ones learn not to drink to excess and then clown around on their hotel balconies?