British Woman Dies From Balcony Fall on Ibiza – Second Brit in a Week

Galera Hotel in Ibiza


The British government should start adding a warning packet to the travel documents of Brits holidaying in Spain. In less than a week, two Brits have died after falling from balconies in Spain — several others earlier this year or last. The latest, a 25 year old British woman fell off a third floor hotel balcony on Ibiza and died almost instantly. She was apparently having an argument with upstairs neighbours and may have leant over backwards onto the balcony railing, then lost her balance and fallen over. The woman was staying at the Hotel Galera

My question is, what’s happening to the intelligence of British youth if so many of them seem to have no idea about balcony safety? I’m British and even at the age of 12 would no more have leant backwards on a balcony, laid on a balcony rail or, being drunk, fallen off a balcony than I would have tried to fly — yet nowadays, it’s happening to Brits all over Spain.

Seriously. Of course, accidents happen and the death of this young woman is terrible. But……… if you can’t figure out a balcony can be a dangerous place to be on, particularly when drunk, you probably shouldn’t be out there in the first place.