Briton Falls to His Death in Magaluf, Majorca – 4th in Less Than a Month

Royal Beach Hotel in Magaluf, Spain

The Spanish really must be beginning to wonder what is wrong with the British. Are they all drunk all of the time? Do they like falling off balconies? Down stair wells? Dying? Any casual observer would think so after yet another Briton, the fourth in less than a month, has died in a fall in Spain.

The latest British holidaymaker to die was 27-year-old Paul Newman who, after a night of drinking (surprise!) fell six storeys down a stairwell. He died instantly.

Apparently, Newman and two friends went back to their hotel, the Royal Beach Hotel in Magaluf, after getting drunk on Saturday night, and wandered up two floors too far. Newman leant over the stair railing to see if he could see the floor they should be on so they could get back to their room and, being drunk, lost his balance and fell. He died upon impact.

Seriously. We hate to sound unsympathetic, but when are the Brits going to learn drinking and holidaying in Spain don’t seem to be good for British survival rate? It’s Darwinism at its best.