Brits banned from ferries to Spain unless Spanish resident, citizen or a freight driver

As much of the world has shut down their borders to travelers from the UK due to a new strain of Covid-19, Spain followed suit this weekend.

That ban means anyone traveling from the UK to Spain via ferry will now no longer be able to do so. Not unless they are a Spanish resident, a Spanish citizen or a freight driver.

One of the main ferry companies traveling from the UK to Spain, Brittany Ferries, has already announced anyone that does not fall into those three categories will be turned away.

They are also asking passengers to refrain from traveling to a port unless they are sure they can meet the strict requirements for entry into Spain.

That likely means you will need to have proof of Spanish residency or citizenship with you when you travel, or you are likely to be denied boarding on the ferry.

Travelers who are traveling from Spain to the UK, however, will be allowed to board for any reason as there is currently not a ban in the UK to those arriving from Spain.

Santander is now one of the many places inaccessible for most British travelers to Spain

The new rules have been in force for travel from the UK to Spain via ferry since Brittany Ferries’ first ferry from Portsmouth to Santander sailed at 9 am British time this morning.

40 other countries have also banned arrivals from the UK since a new strain of Covid-19 was announced in the country.

Like everything else with the panic over Covid, however, these bans are likely to be removed quickly as, according to scientists, it is almost a certainty the new Covid-19 strain has already spread around the globe.

Meanwhile, for those planning on traveling from the UK to Spain via ferry this week, however, unless they are legally allowed to arrive in Spain, it appears Christmas now must be spent in the United Kingdom.

Keep up-to-date on the rapidly changing regulations for travel from the UK to Spain via ferry on Brittany Ferries’ official website.

The ferry company is also advising passengers, if they already hold ferry tickets, they can change the date of their travel to a later date without a fee.