Castellón Airport Spends 30 Million € on Advertising and a Huge Carlos Fabra Statue

Pretty airport - just a pity it's empty


Does this make any sense to you? The Castellón Airport (Aeroport Castello), which has yet to open, even though building was finished on it last year, has just spent 30 million € on advertising, even though no planes are authorized to land there so tourists can’t fly into it?

Apparently, it makes sense to the Castellón Airport administration, who not only authorized the 30 million €, they also authorized payment for a massive statue of Carlos Fabra, the president of Aerocas S.L., the public company which runs the airport. At a cost of 300,000 €, we might add.

Seems to us, they don’t need to open or have passengers use the airport. They have enough money already.

Meanwhile, the airport has currently scheduled its grand opening for April, 2012. Again, odd, as it still doesn’t have government approval to operate nor, as we said before, any contracts with specific airlines.

Wonder what they’re going to do? Open on time and then spend another five years with a completely empty airport, hoping airlines will eventually start to use it?

We must admit, however, it is a pretty airport. Let’s hope their advertising works and they can get this white elephant up and running, and to start doing what it was built for.