Catalan Election and Independence Vote a Gigantic Failure for Premier Artur Mas


Looks like it might be a while, if at all, for Catalonia to get a referendum on independence from Spain after the Artur Mas-headed Convergència CiU Party not only failed to get a majority of seats necessary to push a referendum, but actually lost 12 seats. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s Popular Party (PP) picked up at least 19 seats in Catalonia, showing many Catalans still not only support his economic measures but also support Catalonia remaining as part of Spain.

In fact, it looks like yesterday’s election was a big mistake on the part of Catalan premier Artur Mas. He called the early elections after meeting with Mariano Rajoy in September in what looks like nothing more than a temper tantrum because he didn’t get his way when he asked for a new “fiscal pact” from Spain.

Too bad for Artur Mas, but good news for Spain. Or maybe not?