Catalonia Government Will Cut 1,475 Public Service Jobs to Cut Deficit, But Help Rich to Get Richer

Tarragona, one of the many cities falling under the Catalonia regional government


According to El Pais, the Catalonia regional government announced on Friday it will be cutting 1,475 jobs in an effort to cut their deficit by 10 percent. This on top of a recent statement public employees would have to work longer hours and get less vacation time for the same salary or less.

There have already been protests from workers in the Catalonia public sector. This new round of cuts is likely to increase those protests.

Oddly too, the Catalonia government had no problem canceling inheritance tax on massive fortunes in the region. This decision alone will cost them up to 150 million euros. Again, the rich get richer and the little guys are the ones who suffer.

Do you get the feeling this Catalonia administration won’t survive the next election?