Catholic Spanish Blogger Publishes Names of Patients Who Had Gender Reassignment Surgery


Legal action is likely to be taken in Spain against a Catholic blogger who published a list of names of transsexuals who have had gender reassignment surgery at one of Madrid’s hospitals.

The blogger, Manuel Morillo, writing on, published the names of 22 former patients of the Madrid La Paz Hospital in retaliation for what he said was preferential treatment.  On the blog he said the public hospital was giving single rooms and better treatment to transsexual patients, than it was to everyone else and, because of that, he outed the patients.

Morillo also ranted about the waiting lists for “normal people”.

I guess it never crossed Morillo’s mind that the hospital may be giving different treatment to transsexual patients undergoing gender reassignment surgery, specifically because of people like himself. People who would thoughtlessly and cruely harm someone else, simply because of their sexual orientation.

Luckily, many of those who were outed have already come together and, along with support groups, are likely to file a lawsuit against Morillo and the blog,

He’ll probably eventually wish he’d never stolen the names or written that blog post.