Duke of Palma Refuses to Talk to Press After News of 4 Criminal Charges Leaks

The Duke of Palma is refusing to speak to the press anymore after a front page article was published about him in the Spanish newspaper, El Pais today.

In the article, El Pais confirmed the Duke of Palma, Iñaki Urdangarin, will face four criminal charges — embezzlement, corruption, influence peddling and falsification of documents over his management of the non-profit Nóos Institute. Urdangarin’s lawyer said the story was “informative fireworks”, whatever that means, and used it as a reason why Urdangarin will no longer speak to the press.

It seems to us, all El Pais did was publish the truth. The Duke of Palma is accused of taking millions of euros from the Nóos Institute and, yes, according to several sources he is being officially charged with four crimes.

Since the investigation into the crimes began, the Duke of Palma has kept trying to pass the blame onto his former partner, Diego Torres, but after today’s story it’s obvious the court is having none of it.

The judge in the case has said documents and witnesses, in fact, look to prove that Urdangarin was the only one involved in the crimes and he will be charged.

No wonder the King of Spain told Urdangarin to stop all his business activities with the Nóos Institute back in 2007, as soon as it became evident he may be involved in criminal activity. His involvement is tainting the good reputation of the Spanish royal family, and that is a real shame.

Meanwhile, expect silence from the Duke of Palma for a while. Or at least, just his lawyer talking.