Engine Failure on Ryanair Flight Diverts Plane to Barcelona for Emergency Landing

Ryanair taking off from Bristol – photo copyright, travels of a monkey, Creative Commons License


A fourth Ryanair plane in less than a month has had to do an emergency landing in Spain after an engine failed mid flight on Saturday night. The Ryanair flight was diverted to Madrid’s El Prat airport while on its way from Bristol to Reus. Just over 100 kilometers from Reus, the plane suffered an engine failure and pilots radioed the closest airport, El Prat, for help.

171 passengers were on board the plane as well as at least 8 crew members. This is the fourth Ryanair plane that has had to do an emergency landing in Spain in only the last few weeks. The first three were running out of petrol while circling Spanish airports and had to be allowed to do emergency landings before the planes completely ran out of fuel.

Spanish authorities now have investigations on-going against the Irish budget airline as Ryanair management insists they fly with minimal fuel to save money. The Spanish authorities say this is against Spanish law and puts the safety of passengers and crew at risk.

Ryanair has had several safety issues over thepast couple of years, as the budget airline seems to put making profits at a higher priority than passenger safety.

As for the 171 Ryanair passengers who had to experience an emergency landing when an engine failed on the Ryanair Boeing 737-800 they were flying on, they were eventually taken by bus from Madrid to Reus.