FC Barcelona Hired Metodo 3 Agency to Spy on Gerard Piqué and Shakira (Video)

Shakira and Pique


FC Barcelona has been implicated in a spy agency scandal after it’s being reported that owners of the football club hired a Barcelona spy agency, Metodo 3, to spy on their star player Gerard Piqué. It seems they were concerned about the relationship Piqué  was having with singing superstar Shakira and wanted to know what was going on. They also felt he was partying too much and that his drinking may be getting out of hand.

But what does spying on one of Spain’s top football players entail? Metodo 3 followed Gerard Piqué to various bars and nightclubs, counted the drinks he had, how late he stayed up and who he went home with. They also allegedly reported on his nights out with Shakira.

Gerard Piqué, however, isn’t stupid and soon realized he was being followed. When he told authorities at FC Barcelona, they just brushed it off persuading him it was just the usual Spanish tabloids and told him he had nothing to worry about.

Now the news has come out, FC Barcelona is frantically denying they ever hired Metodo 3 to spy on Gerard Piqué. Well, they would, wouldn’t they.

The spying by Metodo 3 didn’t just stop there, however. They also spied on Alicia Sánchez-Camacho, the president of the People’s Party in Catalonia, even recording private conversations she had with other politicians in restaurants. It’s also believed Metodo 3 have been spying on other politicians and celebrities all over Spain — probably for years.

Meanwhile, as the spying scandal began to unfold police searched both the Madrid and Barcelona offices of Metodo 3 last week and the owner of Metodo 3 and three of the agency’s ‘detectives’ were arrested.

As for Gerard, Piqué, he and his girlfriend Shakira just celebrated the birth of their first child last month. What’s betting it won’t be long before he’s looking for another football club to play for? I know I would be if I was him.