First Halal Tourism Conference to Take Place in Granada, Spain – September 22-23, 2014

halal tourism conference andalucia


The halal tourism sector is one of the largest tourism sectors in the world, currently accounting for around 140 billion dollars in tourism revenue annually. That’s 13 percent of all the money spent on travel worldwide by Muslim tourists. In 2014, analysts expect that amount to increase to over 200 billion dollars by the year 2020, so it’s not surprising the tourism boards of many countries are trying to figure out how to market their country to the halal tourism sector. Spain included.

That’s also why the first ever Halal Tourism Conference is taking place in Granada in Andalucia, Spain this year, from September 22nd to 23rd. The conference aims to help those in the travel industry in Spain and elsewhere learn how to better market their goods and services to Muslim tourists, as well as to offer Musliim travelers exactly what they’re looking for to make their vacation or business trip a success.

You can expect a huge number of exhibits at the Andalucia halal conference from airlines, hotels, tourism boards, tour companies, restaurants and media, as well as presentations from some of the halal tourism sectors’ most experienced leaders.

The Halal Tourism Conference in Andalucia is the first ever conference of its kind to be held in Europe or anywhere else, and could be a huge benefit to the European tourism sector and beyond.

Plus, if you plan on attending the conference, it’s not just two days of exhibits and presentations targeted towards those serving Muslim tourists. There’s also an additional two day tour you can sign up for that will take you all over Andalucia.

The goal of this is to show you a live case study of a region of Spain that has become extremely Muslim tourist friendly, and give you ideas to implement in your own business or country.

You can find out more about the Halal Tourism Conference in Granada, along with details of how to get there, where to stay etc by visiting the conference website.

Registration is currently being accepted, with a basic 2-day conference package costing £299. A bit pricey, sure. But the rewards your business or tourism agency could reap are likely to be well worth the cost.