Where are the Tourist Offices in Huesca, Spain?

Huesca's main plaza - copyright jlastras, Creative Commons


Huesca in Aragon, Spain is known for its Fiestas de San Lorenzo, for being the birthplace of Spanish writer,  Oscar Sipan, and for its ancient walls.  Surrounded by stunning scenery, Huesca is a destination for visitors to Spain who like to get off the tourist track.  Huesca still has a number of tourist offices though that are wonderful places to stop off if you want to find out more about the Aragon area.

Here is a list of some of the tourist offices you’ll find. Some are in Huesca itself and others in towns and villages close by. Wherever you are, you’re likely to find an official tourist office not too far away.

The main tourist board is run by the Huesca City Council. You’ll find, in most of the tourist offices, Spanish, English and French is spoken, and most of them are fully stocked with books, brochures, maps and even CDs and DVDs you can buy about Huesca and the surrounding area.


Oficina de Turismo Comarcal
Plaza del Castillo. Torre Nordeste
22330 Ainsa, Huesca
Tel: +34 974 500 512
Website: www.turismosobrarbe.com

Oficina de Turismo Benabarre
Plaza Mayor, nº 1
22580 Benabarre, Huesca
Tel: + 34 974 543 000

Oficina de Turismo Benasque
San Pedro, s/n
22440 Benasque, Huesca
Tel: + 34 974 551 289

Oficina de Turismo Alquezar
Calle Arrabal, s/n
22145 Alquezar, Huesca
Tel: + 34 974 318 265

Oficina de Turismo Ayerbe
Plaza Ramon y Cajal, s/n
22800 Ayerbe, Huesca
Tel: + 34 974 380 025

Oficina de Turismo Barbastro
Plaza de Aragon, s/n
22300 Barbastro, Huesca
Tel: + 34 974 308 350

Oficina de Turismo Barcabo
Plaza Lecina, s/n
22148 Barcabo, Huesca
Tel: + 34 974 318 453

Oficina de Turismo Bielsa

Plaza Mayor
22350 Bielsa, Huesca
Tel: + 34 974 501 127

Oficina de Turismo Bierge
San Lorenzo, nº 10
22144 Bierge, Huesca
Tel: + 34 974 318 102