Frenchman Gored in Third Day of Pamplona Bull Run

Waiting for the bull run, Pamplona, Spain - copyright John Yavuz Can, Creative Commons License


Yesterday was the third day of the Pamplona San Fermin bull run, Spain’s most famous bull run, and, like the second day, several injuries occurred including another bull goring of a non-Spaniard.

Just like day two, when an Australian man was gored by a bull, the bull run on day three ended with the goring of a 23 year old Frenchman and injuries of several others. The Frenchman was immediately taken to a Pamplona hospital and is said to be doing well.

Saturday’s bull run is usually one of the most crowded, as it’s the first weekend day run. That also sometimes leads to more injuries, as runners fall, are accidentally pushed or trip. It’s also more difficult to get out of the way of the bull, with so many runners around you.

The next bull run will be at 8am on Sunday morning, with the last run at the same time on July 14th.