How to Use a Bidet in Spain – The Spanish Bum-Cleaning Bowl Isn’t That Difficult

One of the things many non-Europeans worry about when they get to Spain is how to use the bidet. The bidet being the low bowl on a stand you will often see across from or next to the toilet. The bidet is for washing your nether regions after you have used the toilet. That way you can leave the bathroom feeling completely nice and fresh.

Using a bidet in Spain is actually easy. Just follow these quick tips, and you too will leave the bathroom clean and without a big damp spot marring your skirt or pants.

Use Toilet Paper – Use toilet paper first to wipe yourself, making sure any fecal matter is completely wiped off, as you don’t want any to go down the bidet. That is not what it is used for.

Straddle the Bidet, Squat and Sit – Stand over the bidet and squat down. While most people prefer to sit on the bidet itself, once they have straddled and squatted, some do not.

It is far easier to use if you are sitting on the rim though, rather than standing and trying to direct the water correctly and, as most bidets are extremely clean, there is no real reason why you shouldn’t.

Turn on the Taps – Turn on the taps and get the hot and cold taps to a temperature that is comfortable. Watch where the water is coming from and where it is aiming. That way you don’t have a surprise like I did the first time I used one when you position yourself over it.

Get in Position – Get in the best position so that the water hits your nether regions. Some people say you don’t need to use your hands to clean yourself, but I always use soap so, yes, you do.

Rub soup over your genitals and anal area. Work up a lather, then rinse yourself by both aiming the water to the correct location and using your hands to make sure all the soap has gone.

Dry Yourself – Once you are completely clean, dry yourself off with either toilet paper or a towel. Then gave the bidet a nice rinse around, so it is completely clean before you leave the bathroom and ready for the next person to use it.