How much will Brits have to pay for ETIAS to travel to Spain after 2022?

Madrid, Spain via Pixabay

While some Brits seem to be panicking about traveling to Spain and the cost for ETIAS — the visa-waiver system every Brit will need to apply to after 2022 — panic isn’t remotely necessary.

That is because applying for ETIAS travel authorization is something Brits traveling to Spain will only have to do once every three years.

And, when they do, it will be ridiculously affordable.

What is ETIAS and who has to apply for it?

ETIAS is the abbreviation for the European Travel Information and Authorization System, and is a visa-waiver program anyone traveling to an EU country who is not an EU citizen or EU resident must apply for.

The ETIAS must be applied for online and, in most cases, acceptance will arrive within just a few minutes.

Once received, that acceptance is valid for three years, or until your passport expires, whichever occurs first.

How much will Brits have to pay for ETIAS to travel to Spain after 2022?

Like I said, Brits applying for ETIAS travel authorization will not be breaking the bank. After all, the total fee is only €7 — or approximately £5.90.

In other words, not exactly a hardship for most. Not when that fee only has to be paid once every three years, so ultimately breaks down to less than £2 a year.

Remember too, applying for and receiving an ETIAS not only means you can travel to Spain for up to three years, but everywhere else in the EU as well.

Making applying for ETIAS travel approval one of the best deals in the EU.

British parents should also be aware they are not mandated to apply for ETIAS approval for children under the age of 18, as they are not required to have it.

Currently, the ETIAS travel approval for travel to Spain and other EU countries is expected to be mandatory by the beginning of 2023.

The system will probably be up and running by mid-2022, but will not be mandatory until the following year.

So, the next time someone that’s still against Brexit tries to tell you your trip to Spain will be much more expensive due to ‘high visa-waiver fees’ for every trip — ignore them.

You can find more information about ETIAS at the European Commission’s website and in the Frontex video below.