Is Mariano Rajoy the Biggest Idiot in Spain?

Rajoy and Sarkozy (another idiot) in Madrid - copyright Creative Commons License


I don’t like Mariano Rajoy. That he’s a new prime minister and so obviously out of his depth is already a given, but that he continues to make stupid mistakes, mistakes a 12-year-old with a rudimentary knowledge of Economics wouldn’t make is astounding. In fact, is Mariano Rajoy the biggest idiot in Spain? Well, if he isn’t, he’s one of only a few.

As anyone with half a brain can see, the austerity measures and government cuts Mariano Rajoy is insisting on continuing to implement are not working. Spain is plummeting further into recession, more and more Spaniards are being laid off, and every month consumer spending falls. Yet Rajoy continues to insist the austerity measures will work. Dude. Get a clue. They won’t!

Now, in the latest move by Rajoy’s party, The Popular Party (PP), there’s just been an announcement by Economy Minister Luis de Guindos (another idiot), that taxes will be raised in 2013 to try to get Spain’s deficit down from over 8 percent to only 3 percent in the next two years. VAT will increase on consumer goods, as will taxes on cigarettes, alcohol and gas.

But who will be paying for these increases in taxes? Ordinary Spaniards. Spaniards who are out of work in record numbers, and will have to pay more in 2013 for basic items, just because idiot Rajoy is cowtowing to the EU, to Angela Merkel and her ilk, and to the banks.

The stupidity of Rajoy really is astounding. A quarter of the population of Spain is unemployed, few people have any money, but Rajoy honestly seems to believe continuing austerity measures, implementing severe labor reforms that help companies lay off even more people, and increasing taxes are going to solve the problem.

Is Mariano Rajoy the biggest idiot in Spain? Yep. Without a doubt.