Jordanian Air Force Official Fined 320 € for Writing on Alhambra Wall

The Alhambra, one of Spain's most beautiful heritage sites


You have to wonder what is wrong with some people or, is it just in countries like Jordan you’re allowed to deface national monuments by writing your name on them? Apparently a Jordanian air force official decided that must be the case in Spain, when he wrote his name and the date on a stone column at the Alhambra, (a la Schazzer Woz Here) one of Spain’s most famous national heritage sites. Luckily, two tourists spotted what he was doing and reported him to an Alhambra guard.

Warrant Officer Mohammad Jaradat had been sent to Spain in August this year by the Jordanian Air Force, with a delegation who was negotiating purchase of a military plane. While there he visited the Alhambra, and decided he wanted to leave his mark, as he thought he might never be able to visit again. So he took out a coin from his pocket, and began to scratch his name and the date in a stone column. Stupidity really doesn’t even begin to cover his actions.

Of course, he was arrested, interrogated and then had charges filed against him, and when he got back to Jordan, he was court-martialed (the national embarassment must have just killed Jordanian officials!).

This week, his case hit the courts in Spain and the judge ordered he be fined of 320 €, a fine of 120 € for the actual act itself, and 200 € for the damage he caused.

With the bad publicity this case has received all over the world, it’s doubtful Jordan will ever send him on an international trip again. But then, some people should just never leave their own country.