José Mourinho to Leave Real Madrid, Says England is His Passion

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Real Madrid manager, José Mourinho, says while he thinks Real Madrid is the best club in the world and he’s enjoyed his time managing them, his “real passion” is England and he intends to move back there eventually. Mourinho says he’s looking for an English club in the premiere league to manage, as he wants to return to the UK and this time stay “a very long time”.

It’s likely Real Madrid fans will be disappointed at this oddly-timed statement.  The Portuguese manager has only been with the club since May 2010, when he signed a four-year contract, so he’s still going to be managing them for a while. In fact, you’d think he’d have kept his true feelings quiet, at least until closer to the time of his departure from Spain.

Then again, José Mourinho is known for being outspoken and has never seemed to know when to keep his mouth shut, often getting himself in trouble, so why should this time be any different. In August of this year, he even went as far as to call Barcelona’s assistant coach, Tito Vilanova, “Pito” (Spanish slang for ‘penis’) after he got into a fight with him and attempted to gouge his eyes.

The next two and a half years then should be interesting. Particularly as he’s now made it obvious to the Real Madrid players, the fans, Spain and all of England he’d really rather be elsewhere.