King Juan Carlos Back in Hospital with Dislocated Right Hip

King Juan Carlos of Spain is back in hospital in Madrid today, this time with a dislocated hip, after he moved badly and his right hip popped out of its socket.

He was immediately rushed to hospital where his hip was repaired in a small operation.

The King was still recovering from a broken hip he suffered while on an elephant hunting trip to Africa earlier in the month. He had hip replacement surgery in a Spanish hospital after being flown home on an emergency flight.

The African elephant hunting trip, however, outraged Spaniards, who are suffering with 24 percent unemployment and were angry King Juan Carlos was on such an extravagant trip. Others were furious he was off shooting elephants, an animal that is an endangered species in many parts of the world.

That means the king’s latest hip problem may be just one of many, as there are likely to be even more repercussions down the road for the Spanish king.

Meanwhile, the Madrid hospital the King is recovering in is expected to give an update of his condition later on today.