King Juan Carlos to be Implicated in Duke of Palma Nóos Institute Scandal?

Duke of Palma - copyright Antonio Zugaldia, Creative Commons License


Zarzuela Palace has had a rocky few months what with King Juan Carlos’ elephant hunting trip, stories of his ‘friendship’ with a German princess, and the Duke of Palma Nóos Institute scandal and court case, but there is now a suggestion from some news media it could be about to get a lot worse. It seems the Duke of Palma’s ex-partner, Diego Torres, is tired of having himself and his wife, Anan María Tejeiro, accused of things he didn’t do, so he’s about to release private e-mails to prove they didn’t.

The emails may implicate the Duke of Palma’s wife, the King’s daughter the Infanta Cristina, and in doing so may also implicate King Juan Carlos himself. The emails reportedly show the King asked business people and politicians to personally help with his son-in-law’s business affairs.

Like we said, it hasn’t been a good few months for King Juan Carlos and Zarzuela Palace and it could soon be much, much worse. But this is often what happens when a country like Spain is going through an enormous crisis, and the ruling royal family appear to be showing a lack of regard for their citizens. Instead of following the accepted line of honor the royal family no matter what, it then becomes time for the news media to find out what’s really going on.

It seems to us Zarzuela Palace could be in for a very bumpy ride.