King of Spain’s Son-in-Law Has Official Duties Stopped Due to Criminal Investigation

The Duke of Palma and Princess Cristina on their wedding day

Zarzuela Palace announced Monday there will be no more official royal duties for the King of Spain’s son-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin, and he’s also being cut off from any money from the palace.

Urdangarin, also known as the Duke of Palma, is currently in the middle of a massive criminal investigation of his businesses by a Palma judge, and the Spanish royal family is embarrassed.

Although it has not yet been proven, Urdangarin is suspected of funnelling more than six million euros into his private businesses, after he took the money from public contracts awarded to his non-profit Nóos Institute. He, of course, denies that he had anything to do with this and says he is “indignant” that these charges have been levelled against him.

King Juan Carlos, meanwhile, is said to be upset that his son-in-law is damaging the royal reputation. Spain’s royal family is highly respected and well-liked and so to see their reputation being hurt like this is troublesome.

Urdangarin’s wife, Princess Cristina, is not being investigated in the crime, as there isn’t any evidence she was involved in any way.

The Duke of Palma and Princess Cristina currently live in Washington DC with their children but, from now on, if the princess attends any functions in a royal capacity, Urdangarin will not be allowed to attend with her.