Lorca, Spain Hit By 2.5 Earthquake Three Months After 5.2 Tremor

Damage from the Lorca earthquake in March, 2011

Lorca, Spain was hit with a minor earthquake in the early hours of Sunday morning. The quake, measuring 2.5 on the Richter scale, hit in the same area as the 5.2 earthquake on May 11th. But, while the first quake killed more than 10 people, so far no deaths and not even minor injuries are being reported after the latest earth tremor.

The 2.5 quake woke people from their beds and sent some rushing into the streets, fearful another bigger quake might be on its way. There have been several tremors since the first quake three months ago, but this was one of the largest.

Repeated smaller quakes, after a larger quake, are common in most areas according to seismologists, so the latest Lorca tremor isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Weirdly, a National Geographic film crew had been in Lorca only last week, filming for a new show called “The Birth of Europe”. Pity they weren’t in town a week later. They could have had some great film footage.