Manolo Escobar’s Awards Stolen in House Break-In


The Benidorm home of 79-year-old Spanish singer, Manolo Escobar was broken into last week while he and his family were sleeping. Along with more than €8,000 worth of valuables and cash, Escobar also lost several of his awards, including the Medal of Merit in Work he was only given last month.

Best known for songs like Que viva España, El Porompompero and Mi Carro. Escobar is also famous for his acting work in movies.

The break-in at Escobar’s home is part of the increased crime rate in cities like Benidorm, put down by authorities as a reaction to Spain’s faltering economy. With more than 20% of the Spanish workforce out of work, some Spaniards are resorting to theft just to be able to put food on the table and a roof over their heads.

Manolo Escobar, meanwhile, said about his stolen Medal of Merit, ‘After 80 years working towards the medal, they’ve taken it after I only had it for 15 days.’

Here’s Manolo Escobar with one of his most famous songs, El Porompompero.