Medical Tourism in Andalucia Brings 690,000 Tourists and 350 Million Euros to Area

Remember, if you’re visiting Andalucia for medical tourism, don’t miss all the beautiful sights while you’re there. Photo copyright – jan zeschk, Creative Commons

Medical tourism in Andalucia brings in over 350 million euros in 2012

According to a report from the Spanish Tourism Office, medical tourism in Andalucia was responsible for bringing in more than 690,000 medical tourists in 2012, as well as making over 350 million euros for the region.

Medical tourism in Andalucia was popular with medical tourists from all over the world, but particularly with the Spanish themselves, who accounted for 68 percent of all medical tourists in Andalucia in 2012.

Other medical tourists to the region during the same time period included Germans, the French and, of course, the British who are all coming to Spain in increasing numbers every year.

Current medical tourism in Andalucia covers the gamut. People arrive for general and specialist medical care in Spanish hospitals and clinics, others for dental care, which is often cheaper than their home country but just as high-quality, and even more travel to Andalucia as they want to take advantage of the region’s excellent health spas.

Find out more about medical tourism in Andalucia

You can find out more about medical tourism in the region at the Andalucia Tourism Board’s website, which also has huge sections of information on general tourism in the area.

After all, even if you decide to travel to Andalucia for medical reasons, that doesn’t mean you can’t see all the other amazing things the region has to offer at the same time.