Mendoza Increasing Prices Days Before VAT Rise Comes Into Effect

Mendoza in Albir, one of the branches people say have been increasing their prices ahead of the increase in VAT

We have been contacted by several people in the last couple of days who say they have seen Mendoza supermarket employees increasing prices on their products at least four days before the new increase in VAT in Spain goes into effect.

Compare that with supermarkets like Carrefour, Mercadona and Eroski, who are not only not increasing their prices ahead of the increase in VAT but, in fact, they are not increasing their prices at all.

Those supermarkets have come out saying they will absorb the new increase in VAT and keep their prices the same, thus helping their customers save money. A wonderful marketing effort on their part, and a clear sign Carrefour, Mercadona and Eroski actually care about their customers.

Mendoza, compared to Mercadona, Carrefour and Eroski?

Looks like it is greed versus supermarkets that actually do have the best interests of the people that shop in them at heart.

Let’s just say we know where we’ll be shopping for groceries, and it’s not likely to be Mendoza.

Expect prices for imported products like these to increase at Mendoza after VAT increases. In Carrefour and Mercadona, however, they should remain the same.