More Spaniards Smoking Than Before Anti-Smoking Legislation

copyright Jen SFO-BCN – Creative Commons License

It looks like Spain’s anti-smoking legislation isn’t really having the desired effect.

In fact, according to The Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR), since the anti-smoking legislation went into effect in December, 2010, more Spaniards are now smoking than ever before — up .5% (yes, half a percent) since their last report was issued in 2007.

They are also seeing a bigger increase in very young Spanish smokers – the ones in the 13-16 age group.

Then again, for most Spaniards, like most people everywhere, if they are smokers they will keep smoking, whether anti-smoking legislation is enacted or not. If they’re not smokers, like us, they won’t really care.

As long as it’s not blown in their faces when they’re eating a meal or trying to enjoy a cafe con leche.

In fact, can we say, other than keeping smoke out of public places (which has been absolutely lovely in Spain), the anti-smoking legislation was a bit of a waste of time?