Mumps Outbreak in Madrid: Over 1,300 Children and Young Men Infected

mumps outbreak madrid

There is a mumps outbreak in Madrid that has affected over 1,300 people in the city since the beginning of 2013, with more infections being reported every day.

According to El Pais, the number of cases of mumps in Madrid is almost three and a half times the number reported last year — quite a sizeable increase.

Who is more susceptible to the mumps outbreak in Madrid?

While children are usually the main group to contract mumps, in Madrid and anywhere else, there have also been a number of young men, aged between 13 and 22 years old, who have also contracted the illness.

Those especially at risk are people who had the mumps vaccine between 1993 and 1999 as Spanish doctors are now saying the rate of immunization with that particular vaccine period was only about 12 percent.

Is there cause for concern about the latest Spanish mumps outbreak?

While Spanish doctors say the number of young people infected with mumps in Madrid is higher than they would like, they are also reminding people that it is quite a mild disease, so parents shouldn’t worry too much about their children contracting it. If they do, in the vast majority of cases they will only experience mild to heavyish discomfort in the glands, ears and throat area for just a few days and then symptoms should ease.

Get a check up if you had a triple-virus vaccination

Madrid health authorities are also suggesting, if you were one of the people who had the triple-virus vaccination — mumps, measles and rubella — in either 1985 to 1988 or 1995 to 1998, it might be worth while getting a check up, as they feel vaccinations done during those times may no longer be protecting you.

Do also be aware, in around 20 percent of cases of mumps, the person infected does not know they are infected and doesn’t have any symptoms. They can, however, spread the virus, which is another reason why a check up is often recommended.

For more information, check out the El Pais article on the mumps outbreak.