National Strike in Spain Today Against Education Cuts of €3 Billion

Student protests last year in Madrid - copyright olgaberrios - Creative Commons license


Yet another national strike against Mariano Rajoy’s right-wing government  is happening in Spain today, this one because of the proposed €3 billion in education cuts. One million workers and 7.5 million students are expected to strike across Spain in retaliation against the government’s massive 25-30 percent education cuts and university fee increases. If fees in Spain are increased as proposed, the average student will pay an extra €540 in university fees. Cuts will also affect rural schools, teacher training and early years education.

Demonstrations have been called by all five education unions, and will be held throughout most of Spain. Parents too are expected to join the protests.

Of course, if you have children that need to be in school as you have to be at work, most schools will still remain open with the Director and one other member of staff present to take care of any children dropped off. They are requesting, though, if possible please keep your children at home today as they want to have the biggest impact possible against Rajoy and his extreme austerity measures.

The education cuts Rajoy is shoving through, of course, have nothing to do with making things better for the Spanish people. They are, in fact, nothing more than a measure to placate bankers and bond traders and are an international disgrace.

When is Mariano Rajoy going to be kicked out of office by the Spanish people? We can only hope soon.