Pensioner Mugged and Killed in Muria, Spain for Just 6€

Murcia, where a 69 year old pensioner was mugged and murdered on Monday – copyright Alexandre López Conesa, Creative Commons

You know things must be pretty bad with Spain’s economy when a 69-year-old pensioner was mugged on the streets of Murcia on Monday, while walking with two friends, and the attack was so brutal she died a few hours later from her injuries.

The haul for the mugger? A paltry 6 euros.

The three pensioners were out taking a walk, and just meters away from the home of one of them, when a man attacked them from behind. All three were beaten with a blunt object, 69-year-old Carmen G.M was killed, and another had to have 30 stitches in her head.

The two women say they believe the man was Moroccan.

Muggings in Spain have been on the increase since the Spanish economy went south, but rarely do they end up in death. Many of them however do involve illegal immigrants who, unable to get jobs, are resorting to snatching bags or mugging people just to make a few euros.

But to beat three elderly women and cause the death of one, all for 6 euros. That is pretty sad.