Police Dogs in Spain Find €9.5 Million in Chinese Mafia’s Hidden Money

copyright David González Romero – Creative Commons License

Spanish police are still investigating the Chinese mafia after arrests of 87 Chinese and Spaniards involved with them took place last week. Now, Spanish police dogs have made the arrests smell just that bit sweeter by sniffing out more than €9.5 million found hidden in various places around an apartment. All told, the police have already found more than 11 million euros of ‘dirty money’, much of which would eventually have been ‘laundered’ through various channels.

Police said the sniffer dogs are specially trained to sniff out money and drugs and can usually find it even if it’s well hidden and covered with other smells. Their sense of smell is really that keen.

As for the 87 Chinese mafia members arrested in Spain so far? Up to 20 were ordered to be immediately sent to jail by several judges, while others are still being questioned. Some have already appeared in court while others are expected to do so in the next few days.

The arrests, which took place mainly in Barcelona and Madrid,  included Spaniards like the prominent Socialist José Borath and the male international porn star Nacho Nadal.

Police believe there have been several Chinese mafia gangs operating throughout Spain for a number of years. They were making hundreds of millions of euros a year through prostitution, pornography, drugs and other illegal activities.  Various Chinese businesses in Madrid were also raided by police and searched, as they were believed to be involved.