Poll Shows Support for Rajoy and People’s Party (PP) at All Time Low: Only 29.8%

Few Spaniards support Mariano Rajoy
Few Spaniards support Mariano Rajoy


When Mariano Rajoy was first elected as Prime Minister of Spain, we could have told you he had no idea what he was doing. Fast forward just over a year, and it seems most of Spain now agrees with us. In fact, in a new poll just released by El Pais (story in Spanish), 29.9 percent of Spaniards say they would vote for the People’s Party (PP), but more than 70 percent would not.

With more than 25 percent of Spanish workers unemployed, protests against austerity increasing every month and things in 2013 projected to get even worse, its likely the extremely low popularity rating of the People’s Party and Mariano Rajoy will also get worse right along with them.

In fact, if Mariano Rajoy doesn’t suddenly get a clue, our guess is he will probably be out of a job before the end of 2013. Just to step out on a limb, I’d even go as far as to say, if he isn’t, I’ll eat a Benidorm donkey.

But, it’s not as though any of the other Spanish political parties are doing that much better. With the People’s Party’s popularity rating at an all-time low, you might expect the former governing party the Socialist Party to be regaining some of the popularity they lost. That’s not true either as, according to the poll, they’re faring even worse than they were when they were in office.

Probably not too surprising though when you look at the results of the Rl Pais poll as 96 percent of Spaniards think Spanish politicians are corrupt, no matter which political party they belong to.