Popular Party’s Esperanza Aguirre in Police Chase After Knocking Over Traffic Cops Bike

the countess of bornos esperanza
The Countess of Bornos, aka Esperanza Aguirre, who was stopped by traffic police in Madrid this week and then led them on a police chase – copyright PP Madrid, Creative Commons license

It seems yet one more member of Spain’s Popular Party thinks Spanish laws do not apply to them.

That is because the latest PP member defying Spain’s laws this week was Esperanza Aguirre, the current president of Madrid’s branch of the Popular Party, who was approached by traffic police this week after she illegally parked in a bus lane and then went to an ATM to get money.

When asked for her driver’s license by a traffic officer at the scene, Aguirre decided not to produce it but instead attempted to run from police.

In the process while leaving the scene, her car knocked over a police bike injuring one of the police officers and then Aguirre herself took off driving at speed back to her house, all the while being pursued by the original police officer on his scooter and two other officers who joined the chase in a police car.

The incident didn’t end there, however.

Once back at her home, Esperanza Aguirre drove into her garage and closed the door and disappeared into her house. (You really have to wonder what was going on in this woman’s head?)

Several minutes later, two Civil Guard officers who work at the house protecting Aguirre appeared and attempted to bargain with the traffic police to solve the problem without causing a fuss.

The conscientious traffic police, however, refused to deal and instead filed a report about Aguirre’s conduct at local police headquarters.

It is likely this defiance of Madrid’s traffic laws and the ensuing car chase are not going to go away for Esperanza Aguirre, otherwise known as the Countess of Bornos, who will probably end up in court on much more serious charges than the initial ‘parking in a bus lane’.

According to authorities, a typical jail term for this type of incidence could be between six months and a year.

An incident that, by the way, wouldn’t have cost her more than a 200 euro fine and a slap on the wrist.

Silly woman.