Princess Letizia’s Aunt Tweets in Support of Republic in Spain

tweet by princess letizia aunt spain


Since King Juan Carlos’ abdication speech on Monday, the Spanish royal family has probably had a lot to think about. Now, as if it’s not worrying enough that protesters are coming out onto the streets demanding a republic instead of a monarchy, they’re also tweeting about it on Twitter. But one tweet this week has had a lot more attention than most. That’s because Princess Letizia’s aunt tweeted in support of a Spanish republic, and asked people who read it to sign a petition demanding it.

The tweet from Princess Letizia’s aunt, otherwise known as Henar Ortiz Álvarez, isn’t the only tweet she sent about a Spanish republic either. She’s been retweeting photographs of protests against the monarchy from all over Spain, and adding the hashtag #vivalarepublica.

When Henar Ortiz Álvarez was asked by one Twitter follower why she was suggesting a republic is the right answer for Spain when her niece is going to be crowned as Queen later on this month, Alvarez replied “”I’m not against my niece. Let’s not confuse blood with politics.”

All I can say is, with an aunt like that, who would need enemies?

Oh, and if you’re tempted to ‘follow’ Henar Ortiz Álvarez on Twitter, do be warned. She has not only tweeted more than 9,200 times in the two years since she signed up for the social network platform, she tweets numerous times every day.

In fact, with tweets number 10-15 a day or more, you’ll end up having a lot to wade through.

Me? I think I’ll pass.