Protests at Plaza de la Virgen in Valencia Against Closure of RTVV (Video)

rtvv closure

Thousands of people turned out to demonstrate in Valencia on Saturday after the radio and TV station, Radiotelevision Valenciana (RTVV), was shut down by the regional government due to lack of money. Unions called the demonstration after the power was shut off and employees were ousted from the building. Organizers put the number of demonstrators at 60,000, but police said the figure was more likely 4,000.

Demonstrators headed to Plaza de la Virgen where they called for the resignation of Alberto Fabra, the president of the Generalitat, and demanded that RTW be turned back on.

The regional government, however, says while it sympathizes with workers who have lost their jobs with the closure of RTVV, with the lack of funding for the troubled TV and radio station they had no choice but to close it.