Ronaldo Says He’ll Sign New Deal with Real Madrid

Photo copyright — Supermæn, Creative Commons license


It seems Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t think he has anything to worry about when it comes to signing a new deal with Real Madrid. In fact, he says he’s very confident he’ll do just that. After all, he’s been with Real Madrid since 2009, and he doesn’t think it’s time to leave just yet.

Just yet, though, would actually be in June, 2015 when his current contract expires. And that’s what’s concerning some Real Madrid fans now. They believe the Spanish football club may decide to sell Ronaldo to another club while his contract is still in effect, thus getting a good return on their incredibly large investment. That’s because, if they leave it until 2015 when Ronaldo’s contract expires, he can then just walk away and leave Real Madrid with nothing.

Then again, though, why lose one of the best players Real Madrid has ever had when last season wasn’t exactly the best the team has ever seen? Would they really want to chance having another season like that, with Ronaldo, one of their best players last year, off playing for another club?

Don’t forget, Ronaldo was one of the few players on the Real Madrid team last season that didn’t have any major problems. In fact, he scored 46 goals in La Liga and Champions League games, so you’d have to wonder what on earth would Real Madrid be thinking if they sold a player like him?

Plus, now that Jose Mourinho has been pushed out, any minor problems Ronaldo had at Real Madrid last year should have disappeared.

Mourinho, huge ego that he has, wasn’t a good fit for many of the players and, after a nasty parting shot against Ronaldo from Mourinho himself, it seems even he wasn’t immune to the nastiness that is often Jose Mourinho’s style of coachiing.

I’d say Ronaldo saying he’ll sign a new deal with Real Madrid, no worries, is probably something you can almost bet on. And very good news for the club and the fans.