Ryan Air Scamming Customers Again With New Suitcase Check-in Charge

Ryan Air - an airline to avoid if you expect inexpensive flights and good customer service


Ryan Air, surely the planet’s scummiest airline, is angering its customers again (when does it not!) with yet more fees being added to its flights from the UK to Spain and anywhere else they fly. Now, if you want to fly on Ryan Air from Spain expect to pay an added fee 20€ or 25 € per suitcase if you check in during June, July, August, September and,of course, Christmas. These increased check-in charges have already been applied, so if you plan on booking on Ryan Air starting from today, expect to be scammed for extra money.

Of course, as always with Ryan Air, it’s bad enough the fee you have to pay if you book online, but if you book over the phone you’ll get socked an even more massive check-in fee of 60 €, an almost 50 percent increase on the check-in fee of 35€ you’ve had to pay previously.

And, on top of that, if you haven’t printed out your boarding pass before you get to the airport, that fee will now increase from the already exorbitant 40 € to 60 €.

As passengers who haven’t flown on Ryan Air in eons, we can never understand why anyone would. They treat their passengers like cattle, speak to them like they’re scum, and keep adding ridiculously high charges for things (paid for the bathroom yet, have you?) that other airlines just don’t charge.

We priced them out recently on a flight we took with EasyJet and, not only was EasyJet cheaper, but they treat their customers better too.

Meanwhile, have fun paying your extra check-in baggage fee on Ryan Air. We wouldn’t touch them with a 50 foot pole.