Ryanair Continues to Prove It’s World’s Worst Airline Denying Spanish Children Boarding

Why anybody continues to fly Rynair really is beyond me. After all, Ryanair is the worst airline in the world when it comes to customer service, as can be attested to with the tens of thousands of complaints all over the Internet about this terrible airline.

So, it’s no surprise to see yet another incident involving Ryanair last week. This time the Irish airline refused to allow children to board the plane if they are only listed on the ‘libro de familia’ or “Family Book” instead of having their own passport or other documentation with a photo.

Ryanair has ended up in court twice in Spain already because of this, and has lost their case both times. It looks like it will be happening again soon.

This time, Ryanair refused to allow a family with two children, aged one and two years old, to fly back to Madrid from Menorca stating the ‘libro de familia’ wasn’t good enough.

The father of the family is a lawyer in Madrid, and has already said he’ll be filing a lawsuit against Ryanair this week after the family were forced to buy tickets on another airline to get home, losing the 427 € they had already paid Ryanair.

Under Spanish law, an airline must allow families with children and who are carrying the ‘libro de familia’ onto a flight as long as the flight is an internal one. Ryanair refuses to do this, even though it is against Spanish law, with one member of the Guardia Civil saying they are now seeing at least one case a day against Ryanair.

Let’s face it, if you are Spanish, you shouldn’t even consider flying Ryanair. After all, the airline has complete disregard for Spanish law, Spanish people and Spanish families.

So, why on earth would you give them your money?