Ryanair Leaves Passengers on Plane on Seville Tarmac for 2 Hours in 50 Degree Heat


There wasn’t enough bottled water on the plane or, if there was, flight attendants didn’t hand it out, and that’s one of the reasons the baby became dehydrated.

Ryanair, in its usual scummy style, blamed a passenger saying he had opened the front door of the plane, thus deploying the emergency escape shute, while they were doing repairs. What Ryanair doesn’t bother to tell you, according to other passengers, the man opened the front door of the plane TWO HOURS after they had been left sitting with no air conditioning as, by that point, people were beginning to faint.

When the front door was opened, fresh air came in, cooling off the now-50-degree interior of the plane and passengers began to disembark.

Meanwhile, Consumers Organisation, FACUA, has reported Ryanair to the consumers and air safety authorities for ‘putting the health of the passengers in danger’. They’re asking for high fines to be levied against them.

I never fly Ryanair. Never have. Never will. I’ve lost count of the reasons why.