Sean Connery Could Be Arrested in Spain Over Sale of Marbella House

sean connery arrest marbella house sale
Sean Connery photo copyright Stuart Crawford, Creative Commons License


Scottish actor, Sean Connery, could be arrested in Spain over the sale of a Marbella house he and his wife once owned. The couple sold the house, called Casa Malibu, in 1999. It was then demolished and the land used to build an apartment complex.

According to Spanish police, permission was given for just five houses to be built on the land but the developer built 72 apartments instead. Police believe the Connerys may have been in on the shady deal and have asked them to come in for questioning.

The house sale scandal involving Sean Connery and his wife has been going on for several years. Back in 2010, Connery was supposed to appear in court to answer questions but, at the last minute, contacted the court saying he was unable to be there due to “ill health” and that at his age (he was 80 years old at the time) it took a long time to prepare to travel.

At this point, though, it looks like the Spanish court has had enough. Both Sean Connery and his wife have been told they only have six months to answer questions about the Marbella house sale and, if they don’t, both will be named on an international arrest warrant. An international warrant, of course, as the Connerys no longer live in Spain, but have a home in the Bahamas instead.

No statement has been made by either party as to why the Connerys were not just questioned in the Bahamas, as that was the expected outcome back in 2010.