Sevilla Police Protest Against Government Cuts in Their Underpants

Spanish police protesting in Benidorm – but they were wearing pants

You know things are getting bad in a country economically when the police are out on the streets in their underwear.

That is what happened in Sevilla, Spain this week when police and civil servants decided the government’s austerity measures were cutting too deep. To prove how little money the cuts were leaving local police departments to work with, Sevilla police took off their pants and stood in their underpants.

Their slogans? ‘They are leaving us in pelotas’.

To make things even more amusing, the police officers rode into the demonstration on donkeys as, according to them, if things continue the way they are they won’t be able to afford to drive their patrol cars either. So they are training the donkeys in the city to be sure that they are ready.

I was in Benidorm in April and witnessed another protest by Spanish police there too. They again were decrying government cuts, and shouting how it was impeding their ability to do their jobs.

But, in Benidorm, they were still wearing pants.