Should British Holidaymakers Boycott Spain Over Gibraltar? MP Julie Girling Says So

julie girling meeting fabio picardo
Julie Girling meeting with Gibraltar’s Fabio Picardo — Twitter pic

Should British holidaymakers boycott Spain? Only if you are an idiot

With the relationship between the UK and Spain deteriorating due to the Spanish government’s aggression over Gibraltar, one British Euro MP, Julie Girling, has made a statement on her website telling British holidaymakers to boycott Spain. According to Girling,

““There has been enough talking, now there must be action. I urge constituents across the UK to consider taking their summer holidays elsewhere this year – Spain is not on our side. Citizens of Gibraltar will not stand for the Spanish bullying and intimidation.”

Let’s face it, if that’s not a case of Euro MP Julie Girling trying to get some limelight for herself, I don’t know what is. Pathetic really, isn’t it?

Most Spaniards aren’t falling for Rajoy’s rhetoric over Gibraltar

After all, if Julie Girling knew anything about Spain she would know most Spaniards aren’t falling for the rhetoric being flung at the UK and Gibraltar by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his ilk. The smart ones, and that’s all the Spaniards I know, understand Rajoy is only using Gibraltar in an attempt to cover his own problems.

Problems like being accused of taking illegal bribes, and problems like a continuing-to-fail Spanish economy. So Rajoy has done what every inept politician does anywhere in the world. Try to move the attention of Spain’s citizens somewhere else — in this case, Gibraltar.

Julie Girling, obviously not being too bright or too clued in to what Spaniards actually think or intelligent enough to understand why Rajoy is doing what he is, decided calling for a boycott of Spain by British holidaymakers in an attempt to punish the Spanish people was the answer. In what universe?

After all, the vast majority of Spaniards have nothing to do with Rajoy and his Gibraltar rhetoric and, frankly, don’t really care about the status of Gibraltar or even that it’s a United Kingdom territory. They have more important things to worry about.

What Spaniards do care about, however, is putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their heads, while Spain’s economy under Mariano Rajoy continues to fail. How a British boycott of Spain is going to help that, and how punishing the every day Spaniard who makes a living from British tourists is ‘the right thing to do’ is really beyond me.

Interestingly too, the leaders of the Catalan separatist party, Esquerra Republicana (RP), also seem to be smarter than Julie Girling, as they have even sent a letter to Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabio Picardo saying:

“We most sincerely regret the improper bullying and harassment that the Spanish government is applying on the citizens whom you democratically represent… order to divert attention away from its own internal political and financial scandals”.

It’s a pity Julie Girling isn’t as smart, isn’t it?

Julie Girling continues to seek the limelight over Gibraltar – what a surprise

Then again, with photos released today on Girling’s Twitter account of her ‘meeting’ with Gibraltar’s Fabio Picardo this week, it’s becoming more obvious by the day that she’s loving the limelight her idiotic statement has put her in and is going to use Spain any way she can to milk it. Fool.

So…..should British holidaymakers boycott Spain over Gibraltar?

Only if you think harming every day Spaniards just trying to make an honest living ,and who couldn’t care less about Gibraltar, is the right thing to do. I’m British and I don’t. How about you?