Some in Basque Country Angry About King Juan Carlos’ Christmas Message

Some people living in the Basque Country region of Spain are angry again this year after the Basque regional TV station ETB has announced King Juan Carlos’ Christmas message that will be being broadcast to the rest of Spain will also be broadcast on ETB.

The king’s Christmas message can be seen today, Christmas Eve, on many Spanish TV channels, so why not on ETB?

Of course, some of us will remember the same anger three years ago in 2009 when ETB also showed the King’s traditional Christmas message for the first ime (it was lovely too). The Socialist Party, however, was in power at the time so a lot of people blamed them. Funnily enough, now the Basque National Party (PNV) are the ones in power, will they be the ones getting the blame?

The reasoning for all this anger and aggravation, of course, is some Basque people do not believe King Juan Carlos has any place in a democracy.

Unfortunately for them, a large percentage of people living in the Basque Country are Spanish or are not Basque and, for them, they have as much right to hear King Juan Carlos Christmas message as those Basques who don’t wish to.

After all, it’s easy enough to turn off your TV set if you don’t want to listen to it so, really, what’s the problem?