Spain a country to avoid as people refusing Covid-19 vaccine to be named on national registry?

Spain’s fascist history is far more recent than many other countries around the world. In fact, fascism in Spain only officially ended in 1975 after the death of General Franco.

Some historians will tell you otherwise, but the truth is the population of Spain lived under strict rules few other European countries had to contend with until Franco’s death.

During Franco’s decades in power, more than 114,000 people also went missing or were murdered by his death squads, with no-one in the country except Franco having any power to stop them.

It is easy to see, therefore, why the Spanish government’s method of dealing with the Covid-19 virus has been panic and hysteria, followed by the strictest lockdowns in Europe, extreme social distancing and mandatory mask wearing everywhere in public for the last nine months.

All done with a pseudo-fascist mentality that has seen Spaniards and visitors fined large amounts of money for not wearing masks, for not ‘correctly social distancing’, for arriving in Spain without a PRC test, and for various other so-called Covid-19 offences.

Measures, by the way, that have not in any way prevented the virus from spreading any slower in Spain than in any other country, as Spain now has more cases per capita than almost anywhere else in the world.

Spanish residents will be placed on a national register if they refuse Covid-19 vaccine

Now this week, the Spanish government has announced anyone living in Spain that refuses to get the Covid-19 vaccine will be placed on a national registry.

Those names will then be shared with every other EU country.

Of course, Spain’s health minister, Salvador Illa, says the Covid-19 vaccine is “not mandatory”, but with threat of having your name placed on a national registry to be then shared with other governments, that kind of Scarlet Letter is little more than blackmail.

And really quite frightening. Particularly as there is little information as of yet as to the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine or of its long-term efficacy.

In an interview on La Sexta, Illa stressed “This is not a public document and it will be done with the highest respect of data privacy.”

In other words, you will have to trust the Spanish government when they tell you your personal data will be kept private.

The problem is, how does the Spanish government then ensure that information is also kept private after it has been shared with every other EU country?

The fact is, it can’t.

Having your name placed on a national registry in Spain if you refuse a Covid-19 vaccine also reeks of the same fascism Spain and the Spanish people have only recently escaped.

A fascism that sadly still seems to permeate the Spanish psyche and its government.

In other words, if you are against fascism, mandatory vaccines if you want the same rights as everyone else, and naming and shaming, as well as the potential for an enormous data breach, it seems Spain is a country to avoid as a would-be resident.

It is also, sadly, a country to avoid for anyone that believes in human rights, privacy rights and freedom of medical rights.