Spain finally dumps Mariano Rajoy in historic No Confidence vote — way to go, Spain!

Breaking News – Friday, June 1st, 2018

News is just in from Spain’s Congress that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has been ousted in a historic No Confidence vote. He will be replaced by the Spanish Socialist (PSOE) leader Pedro Sánchez.

Can I just say “Way to go, Spain!”

According to El Pais, it is the first time in Spanish history a prime minister has been kicked out of office. A move taken while Rajoy himself refused to be involved in the debating process, or to step down before the vote began.

Because in typical arrogant Mariano Rajoy style, Rajoy presumed his premiership was safe and that, after the No Confidence vote failed, life in government would go on as normal for him. So much so, while the vote was taking place, Rajoy was not even present.

Instead, he was out dining in an expensive restaurant yesterday afternoon, rather than where he should have been — present at the parliamentary session that was debating his demise.

But, while Rajoy wiled away his afternoon in an eight-hour dining session at the restaurant, the Basque Nationalist Party spokesperson Aitor Esteban sealed his fate by announcing he and his party would be voting for Rajoy’s ouster.

The No Confidence motion was eventually voted on this morning and…bye bye Mariano Rajoy and, of course, his People’s Party (PP).

Spain’s No Confidence vote was kicked into action after a court ruling last week found Rajoy’s Popular Party (PP) guilty of corruption in the now infamous Gürtel corruption scheme. Involved to such an extent former PP officials were found guilty of tax evasion, embezzlement and other serious crimes.

Spain’s PSOE leader, Pedro Sánchez, now the new prime minister of Spain, then filed a motion of No Confidence against Rajoy and his party with a vote set up for this morning.

Of course, wWe now know the happy result of that vote, with Rajoy and his so-called Popular Party not being quite so popular anymore.

Beginning today, Spain’s new government will consist of the PSOE, headed by Pedro Sánchez, along with a group of other parties including nationalists from Spain’s Basque Country.  Sánchez has also pledged to hold new elections in a few months.

Let’s just say, we couldn’t be ending the week on better news. It is exciting times for Spain! A country that deserves a much better future than the past it has had under Rajoy and the PP.