Spain sees record job creation with 470,000 new jobs created in three months

As many people can probably tell you, things definitely seem to be improving in Spain economy-wise. You can tell that by the number of people who are finding new jobs, and the number of businesses that are now hiring.

There are even new businesses begin to pop up in many Spanish cities.

So, it probably wasn’t a surprise to many Spaniards to learn Spain experienced record job creation between April and June, 2018, with more than 470,000 new jobs created.

Making that three month period the best ever when it comes to the availability of new jobs.

As El Pais reported yesterday, spring is always a good time for job hunting in Spain. After all, it is the beginning of the real tourist season, as well as when local public projects usually kick off, and city councils all over Spain need seasonal workers.

But few Spaniards probably expected to see this kind of job creation.

Especially as so-called ‘experts’ had predicted April to June job creation around the 400,000 mark nation-wide.

With almost 470,000 new jobs created in Spain in the last three months, however, these experts were off the mark by almost 18 percent. A huge difference between projected job creation, and what actually took place.

Of course, all these new jobs being created in Spain means the unemployment rate has fallen as well.  At 15.3%, it is now the lowest it has been in more than 10 years. Still higher than many other developed countries but, nevertheless, falling.

Pessimists, including two of Spain’s major unions — UGT and CC OO — warn Spanish job growth of these types of numbers is just a temporary aberration, as most of the jobs are seasonal.

Of course, they could be correct but, with Spain holding steady as the world’s third most-visited tourist destination, and with more tourists holidaying in Spain in the off season in recent years, this may be changing as well.

Particularly as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is predicting the economy will continue to grow at a robust rate, and public debt will continue to fall as Spaniards discover a new found sense of confidence in their economy.