Spain to Administer 20,000 Breathalyser Tests on Roads Next Week


Remember last year’s campaign to cut down on drunk driving in Spain? Well Spanish police are at it again.

Next week, if you are driving in Spain, be aware Tráfico officers will be out and about stopping motorists and administering up to 20,000 breathalyser tests. There will be 1,000 checkpoints set up all across Spain, so you are likely to come across one at some point.

Spain still has a significant problem with drunk driving. More than 40% of deaths in traffic accidents last year were caused by drivers who were drunk or had taken drugs before they got behind the wheel of a car.

The country does have stricter drunk driving laws than many other countries.  The The legal limit is 0.05% and 0.01% for new drivers. For most people, that amounts to no more than three standard size beers, glasses of spirits or wine and, for the learner, only one.

Spain’s latest anti-drunk driving campaign will kick off today (Monday).