Spain’s Airport Workers Call April Strike: Clueless During a Dying Spanish Economy

Madrid airport

Spain’s airport workers continue to show how clueless they are about economic issues, as they called a strike yesterday for April. The strike, if allowed, will go on for 22 days, beginning during the Easter holidays when hundreds of thousands of tourists are trying to make their way to Spain. And why are Spain’s airport workers calling a strike? Because they’re angry the Spanish government is selling off part of the state-owned company that owns Spanish airports. The same company that’s already debt-laden and struggling. Clueless. Absolutely clueless.

Yes, sure, Spain’s government probably hasn’t gone about this the right way as it’s trying to sell 49% of the company (leaving it still with a controlling interest) while, at the same time, avoiding parliamentary debate. But…..when your economy has 20% unemployment (and 40% of workers under the age of 25) and your government is struggling to deal with a swollen public deficit, you can’t possibly hold onto companies that are losing money hand over fist.

Of course, Spanish airport workers are worried that, if they’re partially taken over by a private company, some may be laid off and some may have wages drastically cut but, with Spains’s current economic woes, what else can be done?

Don’t forget too, the last time airport workers threatened a strike the Spanish government, under military law, put soldiers up in airport control towers to make sure airport workers kept on working. Spain’s government also threatened arrest and imprisonment. Do you think they’ll do any less with these clueless fools?

Photo copyright of Madrid Airport – Roberto Garcia/Creative Commons